Instructor Certification Program

Beginning at Green Belt, students may begin participating in the Instructor Certification program. At this level, students can get credit by helping teach in the Children or Adult classes. The benefit is two-fold: from the School's perspective, additional helpers increase the amount of personal attention each student receives. From the helper's perspective, nothing improves and strengthens one's understanding of the material and theory behind the art as well as teaching others.

While the Instructor Certification program doesn't officially begin until Green Belt, all levels are encouraged and welcome to begin assisting in either the Children or Adult classes as soon as they would like!

Students who pass the Instructor Certification requirements are considered Assistant Instructors. Any student who has trained for at least five years and wishes to obtain the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt must achieve this certification, and, upon passing, will receive the title "Instructor". All Head Instructors must pass this program.