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Integrity, Compassion and Loyalty

Kempo Karate Little Dragons

Little Dragons

Ages 4 to 6
Basic karate principles disguised as play! Children will begin learning stances and simple concepts in a fun and relaxed manner, focusing on movement and body control.

Kempo Karate Kids Classes

Kids Classes

Ages 6 to 12
Still lots of fun, with more structured lessons. Students learn self-defense along with physical conditioning, self-control, and the fundamentals of kempo karate. Classes include a general lesson of the night as well as belt-specific material that builds as rank progresses.

Kempo Karate Adult Classes

Adult Classes

12 and Up
Classes follow the same general structure with a nightly self-defense lesson and belt material, focusing on technique, theory, and practical application to deepen students’ knowledge of kempo karate. Physical conditioning is also an important part of our training to build both strength and confidence.


Instruction on Real World Self-Defense

Our focus is to teach realistic self-defense in a non-aggressive manner. Students will learn aspects of stand-up fighting, ground fighting, throws, chokes, joint manipulation and pressure points, as well as basic defensive weapons skills.

Learn More About Real World Self-Defense

Strength and Conditioning

Kempo karate is a great cardio workout that exercises the entire body. Builds strength with all body weight excerises that help build stamina, gain flexibility and range of motion.

Kempo Karate Fitness