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Welcome to Kempo-Karate

Mike Petersen's Kempo Karate School provides an exciting and dynamic atmosphere dedicated to the instruction of real world martial arts self defense. Our focus is to teach realistic karate self defense in a non aggressive manner. Students will learn aspects of martial arts stand up fighting, ground fighting, throws, pressure points, chokes and joint manipulation, as well as basic defensive weapons skills.

Our goal is to teach awareness skills and avoidance as your first line of defense, but to be able to defend ourselves if escape is impossible.

Operating in a sizeable dedicated training area, Mike Petersen's Kempo Karate School's staff of certified instructors provide a small group atmosphere with the advantages of a large, diverse school. We constantly stress humility and acceptance in an effort to improve the Mind, Body and Spirit.

The School motto is: Compassion, Integrity and Loyalty

"Loyalty is earned- never demanded."